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Trang Tin Company - Creative design, diverse professions

Packaging design extends the functionality of a product's outer shell, turning it into a strategic asset in business, marketing, and brand building. Through the application of visual art, adhering to structural standards, materials, and persuasive content, packaging design creates a convincing impact.

Every day, every hour, new products and packaging emerge in the market. Many designs and stories are told. Some packaging succeeds brilliantly, elevating businesses to new heights, while others easily fade into obscurity, only remaining in the memories of brand builders.

Have you ever wondered before embarking on your packaging design journey? What is the formula for a packaging design that aligns with business objectives? What makes packaging designs timeless?

With over 20 years of packaging design experience, Trang Tin Packaging Producing JSC hopes that this article will benefit savvy businesses. We will share our knowledge and experience to help businesses create high-quality, beautiful, passionate, and dedicated products. We believe that such products will be loved and supported by consumers.

Three fundamental principles to understand in packaging design:

1. Aesthetics, Attraction/Impression

It involves attracting the visual senses with artistic skills, knowledge of aesthetics, and visual principles. You should invest in and seek a graphic designer to implement these elements.



Packaging design that attracts attention is essential for your product to capture customers' attention and choice. Consult your graphic designer about the visual principles applied in packaging design and how to make it stand out.

Aesthetic elements are necessary to create a beautiful packaging design. An aesthetically pleasing packaging design must have a balanced layout, harmony, and use of colors and images suitable for the product's target audience.

Attraction/impression is the element that makes packaging design stand out and captures the customer's attention. An attractive/impressive packaging design can use elements like vibrant colors, unique images, or eye-catching visual effects.

Here are some visual principles to apply when designing packaging:

  • Contrast: Contrast is the difference between elements in a design. Contrast can be created by using different colors, sizes, shapes, or fonts. Contrast can be used to attract attention, emphasize important information, or evoke certain emotions.

  • Balance: Balance is the even distribution of elements in a design. Balance can be achieved in various ways, such as symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance, or visual balance. Balance helps create a harmonious and stable design.

  • Repetition: Repetition is the use of an element or a group of elements multiple times in a design. Repetition can be used to create consistency, highlight important information, or establish a certain rhythm.

  • Rhythm: Rhythm is the repetition of elements in a design at regular intervals. Rhythm can be created by using different colors, sizes, shapes, or fonts. Rhythm helps create an interesting and engaging design.

  • Visual Hierarchy: Visual hierarchy is the use of elements in a design that guides the viewer's eye to specific points. Visual hierarchy can be created by using lines, shapes, colors, or light. Visual hierarchy helps create a readable and engaging design.

  • Emphasis: Emphasis is an element in a design that attracts the viewer's attention. Emphasis can be created by using elements like bold colors, sizes, shapes, or prominent fonts. Emphasis helps highlight important information or create an attractive design.

These visual principles can be combined to create desired visual effects. For example, contrast and emphasis can be used to draw attention to a specific element in a design. Balance and rhythm can be used to create a harmonious and consistent design.

2. Content, Clear Messaging

For Trang Tin Company, content is the most crucial aspect of graphic design. Images are merely tools to convey content, and content should be designed to be impressive and captivating.

Therefore, before meeting with a graphic designer, you need to take the time to build the content that needs to be displayed on the packaging design. Then, communicate the meaning of this content to the designer so that they can understand and design a product that meets your requirements.

Help the graphic designer understand the project's significance.

To design effective packaging, you should create and share keywords that express the product's characteristics. These keywords can be product-related adjectives or style-related adjectives. To convey these keywords on the packaging design will make your product stand out and more appealing.

To help the designer understand your ideas, try to select two or three key terms to convey. For example: "clean" and "friendly."

To appeal to customers' emotions, ensure that your packaging design not only impresses but also conveys a meaningful story about the product or brand. This story can be a short story, a slogan, or even a simple idea. However, it must be capable of touching customers' hearts and making them feel connected to your product.

Psychological studies show that customers often make purchase decisions based on emotions. Therefore, when designing product packaging, pay attention to emotional factors.

To convey a clear message on packaging design, consider the following:

  • Use simple, understandable language. Avoid using technical terms or difficult vocabulary that may confuse customers.

  • Present information clearly and legibly. Use easily readable fonts, proper layouts, and suitable colors to ensure customers can easily grasp the information.

  • Highlight key information. Use visual cues such as bold text, color accents, or icons to draw attention to important details like product names, benefits, or usage instructions.

  • Tell a compelling story. Use storytelling elements such as images, graphics, or taglines to create a narrative that resonates with customers and enhances the product's appeal.

3. Structural Design, Practicality

Besides aesthetics and content, structural design plays an important role in packaging design. The structural design determines the form, size, and functionality of the packaging. It affects not only the visual appeal but also the practicality of the packaging.

The structural design of packaging should consider the following factors:

  • Protection: Packaging should provide adequate protection to the product during transportation, storage, and handling. It should be designed to prevent damage, breakage, or contamination.

  • Functionality: Packaging should be easy to open, close, and use. It should serve its intended purpose efficiently. Consider user-friendly features such as resealable closures, handles, or dispensers.

  • Storage: Packaging should be designed to stack, store, or display conveniently. It should optimize shelf space and facilitate organized storage.

  • Environmental Impact: Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important. Consider eco-friendly materials, recyclability, and minimal waste in the packaging design.

  • Cost-Efficiency: The structural design should be cost-effective in terms of materials, production, and transportation. It should balance aesthetics and practicality while staying within budget.

  • Brand Identity: The structural design should align with the brand's identity and image. It should reinforce brand recognition and recall.

When working with a packaging designer, discuss these factors to ensure that the structural design meets your product's requirements and business objectives.

To create a successful packaging design that aligns with business goals, consider the three fundamental principles: aesthetics, content, and structural design. Collaborate closely with a graphic designer and structural designer to bring your vision to life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this sharing. Trang Tin Packaging Producing JSC hopes that with the knowledge shared in this article, you can undertake your packaging design project. However, if you need to connect and use packaging design services at Trang Tin, we highly appreciate your interest. Contact us at the hotline: +84912602156.

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