The Board of Directors of the Company will continue to develop investment in both technical technology and human resource capacity at all levels, and the Managers and employees will always strive to improve technical and capacity for the Company. Trang Tin Packaging Production Joint Stock Company has become the most reliable and reliable partner of soft complex plastic packaging of all customers, from small to large, from domestic to international.

In addition to expanding the domestic market, further developing in the international market, bringing Vietnamese packaging products to countries - joining the global supply chain - to bring about shared prosperity.



Invest in more modern machinery and equipment system, develop the image of Communication segment, bring beautiful & quality packaging to Customers & Consumers.

Still revolving around the core of packaging production, but we will expand into special, safe, and quality packaging products - in order to improve the value & reputation of customers' products, protect products. Customers' products are always complete when it reaches consumers.

We Always put the Prestige & Trust of customers' products on top. Besides, the Board of Directors together with all employees of the Company are always listening and learning, we will constantly develop - constantly research - to bring good products, advanced technology. reaching out to all customers.